Warwick cattle and sheep sales

BIDDING: Elders auctioneer George McVeigh held court on the catwalk as a crowd lined the pens at last Wednesday’s sheep sale. The best cross bred lambs sold for upwards of $98.
BIDDING: Elders auctioneer George McVeigh held court on the catwalk as a crowd lined the pens at last Wednesday’s sheep sale. The best cross bred lambs sold for upwards of $98. Kerri Burns-Taylor


At this week's Warwick Cattle sale the combined Livestock Selling Agents yarded 959 head.

  •  Milk tooth Angus/Santa bullocks from Allora fattened on oats topped the market at 186.2c/kg, weighing 576kg to return $1072.
  •  Milk and two tooth Charolais cross bullocks from Clintonvale sold to a top of 185.2c/kg, weighing 581kg to return $1076.
  •  GJ and CF Kratzmann from Clifton sold Limousin cross bullocks for 183.2c/kg, weighing 620kg to return $1136.
  •  S Sonego of Pozieres sold grain assisted Hereford bullocks for 182c/kg, weighing 584kg to return $1063.
  •  R and J Hancock of Killarney sold European cows for 165.2c/kg, weighing 575kg to return $949.
  •  Bar-U Pastoral Co of Liston sold Charolais cross cows for 152c/kg, weighing 620 to return $942.
  •  Hinz Family Trust of Pilton sold Angus cross yearling heifers to slaughter for 208.2c/kg, weighing 341kg to return $710.
  •  D and D Batterham of Inglewood sold Santa cross milk vealers for 205c/kg, weighing 320kg to return $656.
  •  Angus weaner steers account Mrs TN Wynn of Leslie Dam sold for 216.2c/kg, weighing 251kg to return $544.
  •  Light weight milk vealers account NC and EJ Payne of Freestone sold for 206.2c/kg, weighing 210kg to return $433.
  •  L and D Mattiazzi of Pozieres sold Santa cross feeder steers for 198c/kg, weighing 340kg to return $673.
  •  BA and DM Darr of Clifton sold a pen of Simmental feeder steers for 188.2c/kg, weighing 439kg to return $826.

McDougall and Sons


  •  John and Jenny Ramsey, Clintonvale sold Charbray cross steers weighing 581kg selling for 185.2c/kg to return $1076.
  •  The McGahan Family, Emu Vale sold Brahman cross steers to feedlots weighing 485kg and selling for 180c/kg to make $873.
  •  Bruce Mauch, Junabee sold 417kg Hereford steers to feedlots for 188.2c/kg to make $786.
  •  ST and JC Fessey sold Angus yearlings to butchers the steers averaged 283kg and sold for 203.2c/kg to return $576, while a second line weighing 300kg sold to feedlots for 205.2c/kg to make $615.
  •  Glenrae Cattle Company sold Droughtmaster cross heifers averaging 270kg to processors for 189.2c/kg to make $510 and a second line weighing 235kg to processors for 189.2c/kg to make $446.
  •  Danny and Cameron Mulcahy, Urbenville sold a run of Angus weaners, the 260kg steers topped at 201.2c/kg to return $525 and the 232kg heifers sold for 205.2c/kg to make $477.


  •  WE Bazley from Nobby sold suckers averaging 46kg for $93 and Merino wethers for $50.
  •  G and C Angus sold crossbreds weighing 43kg for $75 and 30kg for $49.
  •  Phil Stiles sold crossbred stores averaging 28kg for $44 and 36kg for $60.
  •  Adrian Charles fromTexas sold Merino wethers to export processors for $44.
  •  Merino ewes and lambs sold for $63.



  •  Pabra Pastoral Company from Omanama sold Santa steers weighing 211kg for 189.2c/kg to return $400.50.
  •  DC Owens sold Angus bulls tipping the scales at 250kg to sell for 160.2c/kg to make $400.80.
  •  C and M Munro trucked in Shorthorn yearling heifers averaging 372kg and selling for 167.2c/kg to return $622.82.
  •  RO Lang offered Angus steers weighing 411kg, which sold for $770.64.
  •  Regan Johnstone sold Charolais bullocks for $888.96.
  •  S Cav sold Hereford steers weighing 414kg for 188.2c/kg for $779.15.
  •  Coolmunda Partnership sold Angus cows for $693.
  •  Lyndon and Leila Frey sold Hereford steers weighing 278kg which made $498.28.
  •  RG and DA McCullough sold Santa cross cows weighing 492kg for $699.35. They also offered a Charbray cross bull weighing 1030kg and selling for 167.2c/kg to make $1722.16.
  •  Heath McCullough sold Santa cows for 132.2c/kg to make $754.40.
  •  Dennis and Carmel Ryan offered baldy cows PTIC to an Angus bull with the 517kg breeders selling for 128.2c/kg to return $663.


  •  Brickwood Management sold 188 store Dorper cross lambs weighing 32kg for $40.
  •  Nigel and Beris Shatte offered 15 crossbred lambs weighing 47kg and selling for $80.40.
  •  Warwick High School offered Texel rams for $41.
  •  J and SC Cowlishaw from Yelarbon sold Merino wethers for $42 off shears.
  •  Mundine Farming from Boggabilla trucked in shorn hoggets weighing 58kg for $53.
  •  Tanya Dawes from Roma offered SAMM and Poll Dorset lambs off shears and weighing 43kg for $86.
  •  BJC Investments sold crossbred suckers for $89.
  •  NS and MA Darr sold Dorper cross lambs for $80.
  •  Max Donges from Dalby sold Dorper cross lambs to $71.50.
  •  Derwent Pastoral Company from Muckadilla sold oats fattened Merino lambs to average $59.
  •  KT and CC Hinshelwood offered Suffolk lambs for $68.
  •  GD and DJ Hurtz offered crossbred ewes for $30.
  •  McEwan and Green from Goondiwindi sold crossbred lambs for $92.
  •  JE and SK Murphy sold crossbred hoggets for $51.
  •  Pabra Pastoral Company sold Merino wethers for $45.
  •  M and JF Rathnell offered Dorper cross sucker lambs for $98.
  •  While Peter Robinson sold prime Merino ewes for $42.
  •  AF and RF Sutton sold top Dorper sucker lambs, which realised $97.
  •  While Jock Young from Dalby sold Dorper cross lambs to $82.

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