New rural lands map easy to use

USER-FRIENDLY: A screenshot of the new web-based mapping platform.
USER-FRIENDLY: A screenshot of the new web-based mapping platform. CONTRIBUTED

THE agricultural sector now has easier and more interactive access to the Queensland Agricultural Land Audit results, with the launch of a new user-friendly web-based mapping platform.

Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry director Lea Diffey said until now, results from the audit were only available as a large report, with many downloadable maps.

"Web-based Agricultural Land Information is a new web-based tool that allows users to create simple maps for easier visualisation of the audit results," Ms Diffey said.

"Our focus is on using the audit results for a broad range of agricultural development outcomes by communicating the results, informing government-wide strategies and integrating the results into systems and processes.

"Making the audit's results available and easily accessible via this web-based tool is key to achieving that."

Ms Diffey said the new web tool provided information on the location, land area and existing agricultural land, as well as new or upgradable sites for potential future agricultural development.

"Users don't need to download any software to use this tool and can customise their views to display, for example, agricultural land use type or area," she said.

"Information can be viewed in existing web browsers and mobile devices, such as iPads."

Ms Diffey said the mapping tool had a broad range of applications, from local government planning and protecting important areas for agriculture, to informing potential investors of an area's suitability for particular agricultural land use.

"Other complementary data sets, such as transport corridors and processing facilities, are included alongside the audit information, allowing users to visualise and explore data for their own purposes," she said.

The web-based Agricultural Land Information tool can be accessed from

The audit's spatial data is available in Geographic Information System formats on the Queensland Government portal at

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