Women in control of trieqhathon

OVER: Charlotte Price shows her style in one-star showjumping at the Gallagher Triequathon at Morgan Park.
OVER: Charlotte Price shows her style in one-star showjumping at the Gallagher Triequathon at Morgan Park. Gerard Walsh

IT'S a women's sport - or almost - in eventing with 80% of competitors representing the fairer sex.

At the recent Gallagher Triequathon at Morgan Park, only two of the nine classes were won by men.

Warwick Horse Trials event secretary Arianne Hall said more and more women were competing in the sport.

"Eventing was male dominated when it started," she said.

"If you look at the Olympics, the spread between men and women is fairly even. The men were in the majority in the Australian eventing team at London but that is not always the case.

"At lower levels in Australia, the sport is female dominated. A lot of the three-star horses with the women riders at Warwick this month have been coming since they started in the introductory class. Every horse is different but it takes five years to develop a horse to top-level eventing.

"Three-star winner Mattea Davidson and her horse Fairbanks Cargo are also strong in showjumping."

She said the club was upbeat after the triequathon as it attracted the most nominations in three-star at a Warwick event since the last World Cup Qualifier. All six riders were women.

"Next year, there is potential for a lot more three-star riders as Olympian Rebel Morrow, a Warwick club member, has a promising horse ready for the class and Kevin McNab will be back home and likely to nominate one horse," Hall said.

McNab, of Tamborine, a long-serving club member, is currently competing in Europe but some students from his stable competed last weekend.

"He has missed two competitions this year but rarely misses any," Hall said.

McNab is one of the likely instructors for the club summer school in late January, an event where riders need to book early to secure spots.

The panel of instructors for winter and summer schools at the Warwick Horse Trials complex at Morgan Park almost always includes Australian representatives, in most cases riders who have competed at Olympic level.

Results of Gallagher Triequathon at Morgan Park in September

  •  Junior introductory - 1 Laura Bell on Fierte, 2 Justine Streater on Floss, 3 Philippa McKee on Jimmy Wilson, 4 Breanna Evans-Gumm on Belcam Claire Scarlet.
  •  Introductory - 1 Linda McDonald on Roadie, 2 Mattea Davidson on Diva D, 3 Charlotte Price on Kelecyn Mr Wrinkle, 4 Jennifer Kinsella on Kelecyn Bam Bam.
  •  Junior preliminary - 1 Emma Currie on Woodlands Suntaira, 2 Kasey Charlton on Secret Score, 3 Allira Schafer on Vegemite Sox, 4 Ashleigh Davis on Gold Park Golden Token.
  •  Preliminary - 1 Stephanie McKay on Lucky 8, 2 Dean Morris and Highly Confidential, 3 Elizma English on Cil Dara Bonaparte, 4 Lesley Brodbeck on Alan.
  •  Junior pre-novice - 1 Isabel English on Hawk Wing Finders Keepers, 2 Justine Streater on Brierley Bold Rumour, 3 Emily Atkinson on Doc's Sweet Honney, 4 Megan Nolan on Enya Double Take.
  •  Pre-novice - 1 Kathy Humphrey on Oxlea Dylan, 2 Amy Abrahams on WP Flawless, 3 Jack Schouten on Original Sin, 4 Amy Abrahams on Parker.
  •  One-star - 1 Dean Morris and Classic Intentions, 2 Sharmayne Spence on Aurelia De Gwaiher, 3 Emily Hann on Canopy Grove Damini, 4 Stephen Stacey on Gunn's Monty.
  •  Two-star - 1 Matt Gaske on Burghlington Star, 2 Mattea Davidson on Fairbanks Elle, 3 Katie Gorell and KP Leviathon, 4 Daisy-May Denny on Wilberforce.
  •  Three-star - 1 Mattea Davidson on Fairbanks Cargo, 2 Debbie Kopp on King Time, 3 Jess Somerfield on Wildfires Revenge, 4 Caitlin Welch on Oxlea Ivor.

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