24 September - 23 October

Your inspirations and original ideas take concrete form now. This is a very positive time when the opportunity to do the things that you love presents itself. You feel freed from restrictions and obstacles, and your creative abilities are very strong. Your responsibilities in your job are likely to change at this time, allowing you greater freedom and additional resources to pursue the work that you love. Your feelings and emotions are aroused and will find a satisfactory outlet through present or new attachments. Should situations permit, this may be the time for engagements or marriage or celebrations generally.


24 October - 22 November

The transit of the Sun in Libra may cause health problems, either yours or of those you love. You will need to give attention to these matters. You need a restart on a business relationship, even though you're reluctant to do it. You need to assume a dominant posture. Things are hotting up in a positive way for you professionally. A promotion is likely or at least that long-awaited pay rise. On the social front, a friend who's been going through hard times finally gets relief and this is cause for celebration. Favourable news means you can move to part two of your plan. Keep your cards close to your chest for a while though.


23 November - 22 December

This may be a good time to work behind the scenes, to finish up an old business or to clean out the closet. It may be hard to stay on track and keep a positive attitude about what you are doing. You can feel a heaviness within you; however, this may also allow you to contact your deepest emotions. Your decisions and judgment should be based on the appropriate information you acquire from the correct sources. Don't jump to conclusions on any matter. You have a secret that you must keep from someone and this could create tension.  Information from an unexpected source could help so don't give up on the solution just yet.


23 December - 20 January

Friendships can flourish under this full moon and travel for this purpose may also be on the cards. Your thinking is far-reaching now but keep your plans realistic. You have a desire to travel for the purpose of reawakening your connection with nature and if you can do this with someone of like mind the lessons and satisfactions you gain from this will be even more pronounced. You could enjoy spending money on others, and this will be a gesture of your good will towards them. Take note, however, that someone may feel a little uncomfortable about it. If you have lazy kids in your house, you need to reinstate discipline.


21 January - 19 February

"Calls or communications become more frequent during this cycle is your plan becomes more concrete. Your duties now involve transportation matters and the ability to speak or communicate clearly -- this is a time for precision. Can't afford to be lax in going over the details of a proposal or a plan you have in mind. Illness or technical problems stimulate adaptation and adjustments that sloppiness and lack of attention to detail increases these problems no end. You have more faith in your intuition and reasoning abilities, which keeps your focus clear and helps you avoid pitfalls. Unless you practice something you'll never perfect it.


20 February - 20 March

Joint financial affairs and investments are likely to be an issue at this time, and it is a good time to clarify each party's expectations and to take care of legal business, insurance, wills, and so on. With Venus transiting your eighth house, you may be lucky to meet someone who has faith in your business ideas. On a personal level, there is a desire to intensify the level of intimacy and honesty in your closest relationships. This may not be easy if the person you’re dealing with is unresolved issues from their own past. You would have to be patient until they are open enough to share their feelings with you.


21 March - 20 April

If you have been contemplating a new life direction, then it is likely you will want to make the jump very shortly. Make sure you’ve tidied up all the loose ends first. If you’ve been on the lookout for the ideal professional path this will be an extremely lucky period in which you may find doors opening up for you. Remain confident.An emotional experience with an employer will have a positive and uplifting effect on your workplace situation and improves your mental attitude. There can be retaliation within a relationship which makes you volatile but you probably have good reason to feel like this.


21 April - 21 May

You could be feeling down about money and in particular the thought that you have no control over the way someone close to you is managing their end of the deal. You know you can’t hit them over the head with a sledgehammer but have to think creatively about how you can change their poor financial habits. On another note, you’ll be grateful for the opportunity that is presented to you today even though you realise that you have a lot of hard work ahead of you. Don't be scared to take on what may at first appear to be an insurmountable task. By the way, you do have control over your own spending.


22 May - 21 June

You should find increased activity in regard to money or material resources now. You may be more impulsive with spending or with using your tools or possessions - but because you are more aggressive than usual, you could also make significant gains. Earnings at this time are likely to be due to your own personal efforts and leadership. There may be some conflicts over ownership, and personal items or possessions may be damaged or require some repair now. People in authority will go out of their way to help you advance your standing in the community, your career and other goals.


22 June - 23 July

You have some drama in your relationships but that is passing....nonetheless it will still affect you and make you less than effective in other areas of your life. Having the tendency to moodiness distracts you from the more noble attributes of successful living. If, as you would like to think, you have free will then control your thoughts! Attempting this will bring your attention to the difficulty of what's at hand but you must stand as master rather than slave to your mind. The benefits will be peace and material success. You may find that true security doesn't exist outside you and you'll choose to follow your own path.


24 July - 23 August

Things should be busy on the home front or at least you’ll be thinking and planning about what to do next in your domestic sphere. You are really focused on your home life and domestic environment. There could be social events and gatherings or some sort of reunion that may be at the back of your mind. Vehicles could also be on your agenda to address during this cycle of Mercury, Jupiter and the Moon in your fourth house. You may however, experience frustration if others assume you need guidelines on how to conduct yourself or live your life. You need people to give you credit for your ability to understand things.


24 August - 23 September

Don’t let a heavy atmosphere spoil plans you’d like to be making with your friends or loved ones. Lighten up a little and live. Oh, and don’t invite any ‘wet blankets’ along, if you know what I mean. A rash explanation will dash your hopes at reconciliation or resolution. Take your time and don’t be afraid to repeat yourself two, three or even four times to make sure others understand your point of view. Serving others may seem to be degrading. However, there is an opportunity for you to learn. Don’t limit yourself. Spontaneity seems to be a keyword for you right now. You can kick back and enjoy yourself.

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