Look after your dog during storms, fireworks

Pet owners have been urged to make sure their pets don't suffer unnecessarily during fireworks and storms.
Pet owners have been urged to make sure their pets don't suffer unnecessarily during fireworks and storms. Kevin Farmer

PET owners have been encouraged to keep their animals indoors during thunderstorms and fireworks.

NSW Local Government Minister Don Page said many pet owners would be aware their pets, particularly dogs, disliked thunderstorms.

"Such behaviour is very common - almost all dogs hate thunderstorms, and fear fireworks," the minister said.

Mr Page's call comes as the State gears up for noisy New Year's Eve celebrations and as peak thunderstorm season approaches.

"I urge dog owners to be aware of their pet's fear, and take care of them appropriately," he said.

"It is important to understand dogs acting strangely during thunder and lightning is not something that only your household experiences - it is purely out of fear."

"The summer holidays are a peak time for thunderstorms and it is important we understand their fear and care for them appropriately.

"Bring your dog indoors during storms and provide a brief few moments of comfort to your pet when a storm rolls in."

Charlestown MP and veterinary surgeon Andrew Cornwell said many people did not know their dog disliked thunderstorms.

"One of the most common phobias pets - usually dogs - suffer from is a fear of thunderstorms," Mr Cornwell said.

"Ensure your pet is secure and safe if it is in your yard, or have it inside with you or your children as a storm approaches so it is supervised. And if you are in doubt about what to do, speak to your local vet."

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