For $5000, macadamia growers can get a $50,000 return

FRUITFUL: The Northern Rivers contributes 25% of macadamias worldwide. Photo: Samantha Elley
FRUITFUL: The Northern Rivers contributes 25% of macadamias worldwide. Photo: Samantha Elley

MACADAMIA growers will hear how extra investment in better nutrition can result in up to a ten-fold return, when the topic is discussed at this week's Northern Rivers MacGroup meetings organised by the Australia Macadamia Society (AMS).

The AMS Productivity Development Officer, Mr Robbie Commens says recent desktop research has revealed a $50,616 return for an additional $5095 investment in nutrition for a 16ha (5000 trees) orchard presents a compelling case for a greater focus on improved crop nutrition.

Mr Commens will present the findings at the MacGroup, where the key speaker will be Ian Vimpany, formerly with the Department of Agriculture and a leading expert on soil science and nutrition.

"We are fortunate to have Mr Vimpany. With over 30 years in the department and 20 years since specifically in macadamia nutrition, his knowledge will make these sessions invaluable, " Mr Commens said.

Mr Vimpany will tell growers they need to consider that each tree is a factory producing nuts and needs the right volume of inputs or nutrition to operate at its maximum potential.

"The annual cycle for a macadamia tree is very demanding - from August to February the flower set, the rapid growth of nuts and the oil forming process occur, then the tree needs to rebuild its strength to do it all again the following year," Mr Vimpany said.

"Skimping on nutrition inputs may set back a tree for several years.

"Leading growers from the regions will also be sharing their knowledge and experience," Mr Commens said.

Topics:  business, horticulture, macadamia

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