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Sugar Cane on roadside Mackay Tourism Many quiet roads can be found amongst cane fields around Mackay.

Cane farmers not sweet on new free trade deals

THE sugar industry has labelled the new Japan Free Trade Agreement a “kick in the guts”; saying cane farmers will gain no or little benefits.

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the liberal coalitions rushing through of trade deals that have been in discussion for years under labor is damaging our agricultural export opportunities..thats why they were taking so long under labor because the government was trying to get the best...

generalpublic from Australia


Taskforce investing agriculture future in city for hearings

A TASKFORCE investigating the future of Australian agriculture will visit Rockhampton for a series of hearings next week.

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An export facility for fresh foods at Rockhampton Airport is an essential to shortening the supply chain and making costs competitive with the rest of the world. Farmers can and do have ability to grow competitively but red tape / green tape and...

myola from Twin Waters


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