Will Shoalwater shoot down Rockhampton's claim to Beef Capital crown?

GRAZIER says impact threatens the region's claim to being the Beef Capital which means we might as well remove the bull statutes and cancel Beef Week.

SHOALWATER: Committee to ensure win-win for all stakeholders

Livingstone Mayor Bill Ludwig said the call comes after the public meeting in Marlborough, which raised a number of issues with the proposal, particularly why the Australian Defence Force needs to acquire so much land.

Committee to ensure all stakeholders have a win-win outcome.

US to get a taste of Bundaberg's lovely lychees

LONG-TIME LYCHEE LOVER: Bundaberg's Vicky De Louwer has packed lychees at Electra Farms for 12 years.

Never been a better time to be a lychee farmer

Shoalwater Bay expansion to have ripple impact on fishing

Clint Waldon whose family owns and runs a large scale commercial fishing operation at Bald Hills station.

Ripple impact would see double amount of fishing in other areas

EXCLUSIVE: A tour of the largest feedlot in the southern hemisphere

Whyalla Beef national livestock manager Greg Krarup.

Whyalla Feedlot at Texas inducts up to 1000 head per day.

Slip and slide, that's one hell of a ride

Maleny Dairies' huge waterslide. January 2017.

MALENY Dairies' farm kids have a tough life. (They don't).