Ben is sold on career in beef

THE future is bright for a career in the red meat industry, and young cattle buyer Ben Dougherty, of Ballina, NSW, is optimistic the good times will continue.


Mackay cane growers hope for rain.

Cane growers look to the sky as price drops

MACKAY cane growers are facing a ‘double whammy’ as plummeting sugar prices collide with an urgent need for more rain to boost this year’s crop.

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blankstar - Mackay

Time to diversify or shut shop, not for these blokes, no? Actually this is exactly the same thing I've seen with the cane industry for over forty years, they all complain when times are good, and when times are not so good they just complain more. And...


Samsung's Series 9 JS9500 SUHD television.

Ready to pay $25k for new Samsung curved TV?

IT comes with a price tag just under $25,000. So Samsung’s 88 inch SUHD TV would want to be pretty special.

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hang_em_high - Mackay North

This will be great to watch question time on the way the government and overseas Movie produces treat Australians when it comes to entertainment.We will be watching repeats of question time . as every thing else will be illegal .not available in OZZ...


National News

SCHOOL TIES: Cousins Ali McPherson, 7, of St Joseph’s Grafton and Izakk McPherson, 11, of South Grafton Public School illustrate the divide between the public and private education systems.

Parents in public vs private school debate

CLARENCE Valley residents have long been divided by the age-old debate about the merits of private and public education institutions.

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bandicoot - Palmers Island

Two stories on this in a few days...DEX are you deliberately trying to stir controversy? All these stories do is play to peoples' prejudices. The Clarence Valley has many great schools both public and private. We have a terrific choice and that's the...

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